Augmented Reality Measurement Toolbox

Realistic measure tape, area estimation, and multi measurement mode in a single app.

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What is it

ARea is a next generation Augmented Reality tool that allows you to measure the length and area of any surface.

ARea currently features 3 modes:

  • - Tape mode is useful to measure the length in a straight line.
  • - In multi mode, it can measure points that are lying freely in 3D space
  • - And in an area mode it can calculate the area of any irregular polygon with astonishing accuracy.

Advanced Measurement Toolbox

Measure Tape Tool

Measure anything in straight line.

Multi Mode Tool

Measure points in 3D Space

Area Tool

Estimate the Area of any polygon

Supported Systems

Works both in Metric and Imperial System.

3D Viewer

Persist your measurements in the device.

Snap Mode

Tape Tool can span to ground floor or 3D Points.


Visual feedback for tracked points and surfaces.


You can undo the last measurement.